FINIS Snorkel de estabilidade júnior

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The Stability Snorkel Junior allows younger swimmers to learn techniques like older swimmers have been learning for years and is specifically designed for swimmers ages 6-10. Swimming with a snorkel eliminates the need to turn the head for a breath, so the swimmer can focus on learning to swim with the correct body position. The snorkel also gives swimmers confidence, letting them learn new skills and improve their overall technique.

In 1995, FINIS patented and introduced
the first snorkel made for competitive swimmers. Today, snorkels can be found
in almost every swim club around the world. Now younger swimmers can learn the same fundamentals that have otherwise only been available to older swimmers.

No need to turn your head for a breath, the Stability Snorkel Jr allows swimmers to improve body position and technique in the water

A shorter tube and small mouthpiece accommodates shorter and shallower breaths for younger swimmers, allowing them to inhale and exhale naturally

Swimming with a snorkel gives the confidence to enjoy swimming and the ability to learn new skills

The Stability Snorkel Jr features an elastic silicone headband and a small mouthpiece which makes for a more comfortable swim

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